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Retreat policy

When applying to participate in a retreat, payment of a non-refundable deposit is required. There will be no contract between the parties until the deposit for the relevant retreat has been paid. Each retreat will have its own payment schedule, detailed on our website. Please note that payment schedules may differ from retreat to retreat. Once you have contacted us, an e-mail will be sent to you detailing the payment schedule for the retreat you have paid to attend and all relevant details. You must make the payment to confirm your booking, plus the deposit. Failure to comply with the payment schedule may engage the right of Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne (AYL) to cancel your booking, therefore AYL applying cancellation charges as set out below.


If payment for the retreat is by bank transfer, please indicate your surname as the transfer reference and send us confirmation of the transfer. Those who wish to attend a retreat, but are unable to make the whole retreat will still be required to pay the retreat fee, unless otherwise stated.



It is up to you to ensure that you are able to attend the entire course when you book or meet the conditions that have been set with the payment schedule. We understand that there may be times when you are unable to attend once payment has been made, and we will look sympathetically at these situations. In this regard, if your place(s) can be given to someone on the relevant retirement waiting list then we will refund the fee (less a 10% administration fee). If a replacement cannot be found, the deposit(s) allocated to the payment schedule will be retained. Cancellation of your booking must be confirmed and notified by email.



AYL strongly recommends that you take out the appropriate insurance for your retirement.


Flights & travel


It is the individual's responsibility to book and pay for the relevant flights/travel that bring the individual to the retreat for the start date. AYL are not responsible for flight schedules or prices.


We will sometimes give individuals details of flights on which others are participating, for the benefit of the company or ease of travel. This is done in good faith and for the benefit of all concerned. However, we assume no responsibility for the outcome of this action and subsequent terms attributed to those involved.

Disclaimer of liability


AYL accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to personal property; personal injury or medical conditions that develop during or after the retreat. We are not responsible for costs arising from fire, natural disaster, war or threat of war, industrial action, technical transportation problems, airport closure or any other event beyond our control.


Individuals participate in AYL retreats entirely at their own risk, and parents assume full responsibility for their children.


Whenever possible, we will notify you in advance of any changes to retreat programs.

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