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Founded in November 2014, Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne is the first daily Mysore Style program in French-speaking Switzerland.



Our mission is much more than offering classes, we guide you individually so that you can evolve on 3 levels, physical, therapeutic and spiritual. We offer a complete holistic approach. We accompany you in the discovery and explosion of the new, of the moment. The opportunity to break free.


Awakening intelligence through observation and understanding helps humanity.

Flower & Jérôme Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne

We welcome everyone, of all ages and whatever shape you're in. We're passionate about sharing all the benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda, which invite fairer actions and give meaning to life.


Our classes are different from most yoga studios, in that we focus on developing your personal practice, rather than just taking directed classes, in a practice that may not be right for you. You'll find a place for individual practice within a group that will help you develop confidence and independence. We have great respect for the individual as a whole, our approach is not mechanical and robotic, but gentle and profound, practice becomes organic, we focus on your independence, so that you can awaken your critical intelligence, and question all aspects of practice and life so that you can find your own path.


You'll develop a solid foundation on which to build all aspects of a healthy, happy life.

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