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Founded in November 2014, Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne is the first daily Mysore / Self-Practice program in Suisse Romande.

À propos Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne

“What are your motivations for practicing yoga?
Physical, therapeutic and spiritual »

— T. Krishnamacharya


Our mission is to create a yoga community in the city of Lausanne and its surroundings, where we can accompany students on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.


We welcome everyone in our classes: female or male, young or old, stiff or flexible. We are passionate about sharing the therapeutic benefits of practicing yoga.


With us, you will be guided by experienced French and English speaking teachers.

We offer you personalized discreet instruction and adjustments based on your level, build and understanding.


Our classes are different from most yoga studios in that we focus on your developing a personal practice, rather than always following group-led classes. You will find a place for individual practice within a group that will help you develop your confidence and independence.


If you are anew student,we suggest you sign up for one of our introductory classes, which start every month. During this course, you will develop a solid foundation that you can build on  and build a healthy long-term practice that makes sense.


Come and try a class, we also welcome students to visit anytime!

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