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Cours de Yoga

Are you ready to change ?

Intro 1 beginner &

intro 2 improvement

Tuesday, August 6nd


Summer weeks Vinyasa Krama

July 1st to 12th

August 5th to 16th

Yoga &

"AYL - is not just a form of exercise, but a culmination of mind-body-breath coordination that helps you find balance in life."

Yoga and Ayurveda are part of an effective model that encompasses all aspects of our being, both for maintaining health and resolving the pathological aspects that can affect it, and are adaptable to meet each individual's needs, wherever they may be, naturally complementing each other and inviting change.


Yoga is primarily concerned with the mind, and Ayurveda with restoring balance to bodily qualities and functions.


We're happy to put our knowledge at your service, and to support you in your needs through approaches adapted to each individual.

Our teaching goes straight to the heart of the matter. It enables profound transformation without the need for multiple techniques. It's a direct voice. It's so clear and simple, it's confusing. Gentleness is its essence, which is why it's sharp. It comes from the heart.

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