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Yoga is the suppression of the modifications of the mind.

Updated: May 22, 2022

Yogaś citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ. 1.2

Yogaś: The essential technique of yoga.

Citta: Mind.

Vrtti: Modifications.

Nirodhaḥ: Inhibition; suppression; stoppage; restraint.

The suppression of fluctuations of the mind, or yoga, is the highest mental power.

It is now explained how the cessation of fluctuations can be a source of mental strength. The suppression of fluctuations is to keep the mind fixed on any desired object, that is, to acquire concretely the power to keep the mind in the contemplation of any particular object. This is called yoga.

Our mental weakness is only our inability to keep our good intentions frozen in mind: but if the fluctuations of the mind are overcome, we can remain frozen in our good intentions and thus be endowed with mental power. As the calm increased, this power would also increase. The culmination of such stillness is Samādi (concentration) or keeping the mind fixed on any desired object, so that the consciousness of one's self is lost.

In the Katha Upanisad it is written: "Neither those who have not abstained from wickedness, nor those who are not restrained, nor those who do not meditate, nor those who have an unpathed mind, can achieve it. than by learning. " of self attained by concentration is the highest virtue. Happiness is the result of virtue: Self-knowledge or the state of liberation brings peace in the hope of ending misery, which is the highest form of well-being.


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