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The cotton material for my yoga practice

Cotton Yoga Wear

Cotton is a natural fiber that has been familiar to people since very ancient times, about 5,000 years ago. Cotton, which belongs to the Malvales family, is a fiber made from the fruit that forms after the flowers bloom, matures, and bursts open, overflowing with white cotton fibers from within. It is smooth and soft to the touch, and has excellent water absorbency and breathability.

Let me tell you a little about how I came across cotton yoga wear.

I noticed that the yoga wear I was wearing caused skin irritation and rashes.

The material was polyester. I was allergic to chemical fiber clothing that came in direct contact with my skin.

Then it occurred to me. The idea of yoga is to feel nature and the earth, but the majority of yoga wear in the world is made of synthetic and chemical fibers.

Why are they all made of materials so far away from nature? I wondered.

One day, I threw away all my yoga wear from famous brands. Since that day, I have practiced yoga wearing only cotton wear.

Kind to the Earth and People.

Choosing eco-friendly materials and choosing items that can be used with care for a long time. Choosing things that are kind to the earth, the people who live on it, animals, and nature is the first step toward eco-friendliness. Natural materials are gentle to human skin, and their outstanding comfort is deeply felt.

Cotton rugs are great

In modern yoga, yoga mats made of plastic or rubber are the most common. But did you know that these materials were introduced only three or four decades ago? Before that time, India traditionally used natural rugs made mainly of cotton.

Do cotton yoga rugs slip?

Instead of relying on the grip of the mat to hold a pose, you must rely on your commitment to the posture, the practice. As a result, poses that seemed easy become a little more difficult. Cotton mats teach us to be rooted to the ground. Thus, we naturally become aware of what we really need to put in place in our practice to be present in the moment, especially when synchronizing movement with the breath.

Cotton yoga rugs are highly absorbent and suitable for a wide range of yoga styles. As 100% natural materials, they are safe for the human body and environmentally friendly.

We collected feedback from people who actually use cotton rugs.

"Yoga is about creating energy (prana), so why not use a cotton yoga mat? When I use a cotton mat, I instantly feel more natural and connected to the earth!"

"The sweat absorbency is great! They are easy to clean and feel great for daily use, and I use them for yoga, Pilates, flexibility exercises, and meditation."

"I love the feeling of my face and body touching something natural like cotton that is breathable and thermoregulating."

"I'm addicted to 100% cotton! It's eco-friendly, degrades naturally, and is PVC-free (it's a small step in reducing the impact of chemicals in my life and my family's)."

"I feel very connected to the earth directly below me and it makes me very aware of where I am."

"Natural, cotton yoga rugs were created for nature-loving yogis and yoginis who want to go back to the roots of yoga and focus on yoga without the discomfort of chemicals and other unnatural substances touching their bodies."

"They can be used indoors or outdoors, and they do not deteriorate in direct sunlight as rubber does, so you can enjoy yoga in the park or in nature."

"They absorb sweat and are thick enough not to wrinkle or sag, making them perfect for laying on rental yoga mats during yoga classes. “

Cotton is the best choice for practicing yoga, both in clothing and on the practice mat. The most common concern of people is their appearance, as if they had to look so professional to appear in such a trendy world, we are better than that, we are better than that. And there, yoga doesn't resolve the concern; people are caught in the net just like everything else in this world created by our minds. A yoga practitioner at this point, falling into this superfluous image, does not realize what is in it at all, but sinks into the matter even further, ever more trapped. Whereas Yoga is about being able to get out of that appearance and be totally free. Be free.


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