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Sat, 09 Dec


Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne


You can still register by phone at +41 76 378 76 81 or come directly on site.
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Date & Location

09 Dec 2023, 13:00 – 16:00 CET

Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne, Rue Chaucrau 3, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

À Propos / About

This workshop consists of three sections.


- VISHRANTA YOGA(Yoga Relaxation)

- PRANAYAMA (Develops awareness of the breath)

- YOGA NIDRA (Leads to deep relaxation and enhances the individual's self-awareness)


Deep relaxation relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. It develops consciousness and brings joy and peace. However, it can ease feelings of anxiety in people who are very tense or suffering from depression.


◎VISHRANTA YOGA (Relaxing postures)

Start with simple standing, sitting and backward dynamic yoga postures. They invigorate and refresh both body and mind. Then continue with recovery postures on the back. These teach relaxation with awareness of breath and sensation.

Finish the practice with a good relaxation: complete relaxation of muscles, skin, organs, nervous system. The body is passive, but the mind remains active, alert, present.


◎PRANAYAMA (Developing awareness of the breath)

The breath is one of the best means for observing yourself in your yoga practice. How does the body respond to the breath , and how does the breath respond to the movement of the body? The breath should be our teacher. The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings.


◎YOGA NIDRA (Leads to deep relaxation and enhances the individual's self-awareness)

Yoga Nidra is conducted in a way that the instructor will dictate and lead the participant to bring their attention to the subtle parts of the body, scanning from head to toe. Through calm breathing and consciousness, the person slowly slows down the fast-moving brain and allows the mind to wander between subconsciousness and sleep, entering a realm of withdrawal.

Yoga Nidra is a great way to recharge your energy (some say 30 minutes of sleep yoga is better than 2 hours of sleep), especially for those who are emotionally stressed and have long periods of insomnia. Yoga Nidra can help refresh your body and mind.



Their passion for teaching encourages them to always look for the best way, adapted to each person, to reach the appropriate path. A caring and specific teaching, for a healthy practice. To achieve unity, the state of Yoga. What we all aspire to, a serene state and a blissful life.


In French & English if necessary.


Open to all


Price: 60 CHF

+41 76 378 76 81

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