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Yoga Clinic

These courses are intended for everyone, with the aim of helping everyone, by focusing on specific areas of yoga practice that may be misunderstood or misinterpreted, removing doubts, no longer stagnating in illusion, and shedding light on yoga practice as a whole.

Some of the main themes that are essential and that you can expect : 

  • What is the quality of fluid, regular breathing.

  • What is right engagement.

  • What is fluidity, so as not to get stuck on technique.

  • The habit of stretching (excessively), which we can't get rid of during asana practice.

  • Although keen to develop regular Pranayama practice, but don't know how.

  • Have intelligent exercises that enable a better understanding of your body.

  • Bring our senses and intellect to light and use them correctly to develop the right, spontaneous attitude.

  • Understand the science behind yoga philosophy.

  • Work of exchange and reflection.

  • The sense of humor.

As no two beings are the same, we must respect each other's requirements. But it's above all through a clear mind that we can use his intellect in the right and spontaneous way. We work with you to find solutions.

Yoga must be adapted to the individual. The content of the course will be designed according to the needs of the participants.

Intelligent stretching of specific parts of the body, strengthening of the core, cultivation of quality breathing for asanas or pranayama. Simple observation of breathing or body balance, deep relaxation, dynamic Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice to refresh habitual thought patterns, Pranayama, meditation, etc...


The starting point of this practice is the state of our entire being in the present moment. It is therefore useful to know as much as possible about our entire constitution, so that we can progress step by step, developing our practice according to our capacities.

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