Explore our courses, you will find several  possibilities. Whether you are a beginner or advanced. We offer both group and private lessons. All of our lessons are suitable for all levels of experience.


Mysore style

Mysore Style is a traditional method of practice that welcomes both beginners and advanced students , practicing side by side at their individual pace, while being supervised and adjusted by the teacher.


Private & Semi-Private

Private sessions give you the opportunity to develop a yoga practice based on your own personal needs, and tailored to your abilities.




These courses are designed for new students who would like to learn in a small group or for more experienced practitioners who would like to become autonomous, develop or refresh their practice.


Led Class

In these courses the teacher  leads a group of practitioners through a sequence of postures. In this format, students move in unison and breathe in unison.


Offres Spéciales

Ces offres vous propose des packs combinant cours privés afin de travailler des points spécifiques et des cours Mysore pour expérimenter les points appris dans les cours privés. Ce sont également d'excellentes façon de commencer le Yoga. 



Une solution pour apporter de bien-être au travail.

Des cours réguliers ou ateliers organisés dans vos locaux ou à proximité, adaptés aux besoins de l’entreprise